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Debbie Burak started VeteranAid.org in 2005 after the passing of her mother. Debbie fought for her mother’s Aid & Attendance Special Pension, which was awarded through her efforts. However, her mother passed before any of the benefits were paid.

Frustrated with the entire process of filing for this benefit, Debbie vowed to disseminate information about the Special Pension so that it would become as well known as Social Security.

This blog represents Debbie’s personal views on current events that affect the VA, the Special Pension, and those who are fighting to receive what is justly theirs.

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  • Posted May 13, 2011

    Crissie Malek

    Hi Debbie,

    I am going through the aid and attendance approval process for my father. It’s been a nightmare and I’m getting very frustrated with the process or lack thereof. I have a counselor assisting us and the regional office as well. But, we are beginning the process again – in hopes the paperwork gets to the correct person. Any advice? My father is 86 and has mild/mod alzheimers lives 650 miles away and is in desparate need for an assisted living facility. Without the Aid and Attendance funds, we cannot afford this much needed care. Thank you. Crissie Malek

  • Posted May 31, 2011


    Thanks Kris!

  • Posted May 31, 2011



    I would suggest you look on the website to make sure you have the correct mailing address for the state your dad lives in. http://www.veteranaid.org/apply.php

    I know how challenging it can be not being in the same state, but keep in mind that you are better off overseeing this process and making sure to always send everything Return Receipt so you have proof of delivery. Also make sure not to sign a 21-22 if asked by the counselor. You want to have a 21-0845 on file with the VA making you an Approved 3rd Party so the VA can discuss the application with you. You should also visit our fourms as there is a wealth of info and support there.

  • Posted November 30, 2011

    Dave Szutenbach


    My hats off to you for your efforts in this. i am about to start this Jourrney and I am disheartened by the lack of assistance that you and others have received. I am going to bring the matter to my congressmen and state senators (IL) immediatley.

    Thanks Debbie I

    • Posted November 30, 2011



      Thank you for your kind words, and I so hope you will bring this to your state’s officials. It is ridiculous that this resource is such a secret to our veterans and surviving spouses. Let me know if I can help in your efforts.


  • Posted June 18, 2012

    Lyn Williams

    Hi Debbie!
    Thank you for all your efforts. I am in the process of getting assistance for my dad and mom who are in their 90s. My dad is a 30 year retired Navy veteran. I am writing this to advise you that on your website the FAQs section of your website is down with only “warnings” coming up in encrypted messages. I cannot access the information regarding FAQs, the guide or any of that section. I didn’t know if you knew this or not. Hopefully you can get someone to fix this section of your website so we can access it.

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