I Am the Flag

Today I attended the funeral of a very dear family friend who will be greatly missed by family and friends alike. Hal was quite a character. A little rough around the edges with eyes that reflected a life that had been challenging at times. He had a deep, warm and rich laugh that was infectious,

545 People vs “We the People”

Given our current economic situation, the upcoming election and re-elections, I don’t know that I could do a better job of suggesting who should be held accountable. I believe Mr. Reese has said it all. – DB The 545 People Responsible For All Of U.S. Woes By Charley Reese (Date of publication unknown) Politicians are

Not So Easy After All

When I began my mission to bring the VA’s Aid and Attendance benefit to national attention 3 years ago, I honestly thought it would be a pretty easy thing to do.  I naively  thought that if I simply sent out tons of emails and letters to all major media outlets they would have responded with


Promises are easy to make, but often much harder to keep. Both Presidential candidates are promising to “fix” what is wrong with this country, the challenges we face, and to take on “BIG” government to correct the problems. I think everyone is in agreement regardless of party affiliations that we as a nation are in