Beginnings and Endings

Sometimes it is the ending that actually fosters the beginning of something more than we could have ever imagined.

August 25, 2008

There is something about the anniversary of certain events that gives cause for reflection and acknowledgement. Today is one of those days. August 25th marks the 3rd year of my mother’s passing and my promise that her journey would make a difference. And so it is that I find August 25, 2008 to be an appropriate day to launch the blog as another means to share information and insight about the VA’s Improved Pension along with my ongoing efforts to be a light for someone else along the way. For I believe that often times the brightest light comes from our darkest moments.

I have always been outspoken, stubborn, and determined. Quick to confront what I found to be an injustice and to question what I thought was wrong. This website is a direct result of seeing an injustice, speaking out against what I believe is a disgraceful failure to honor, and being stubborn enough to believe that one person truly can make a difference.

I am a big believer in things being fated and directed by the Universe beyond our own will or control. It’s almost as if circumstances were put into place a long time ago to position me for this undertaking. What many don’t know is that this pension has been an entitlement for 57 years sitting idle. I find it curious that this pension and I share something in common. We are both 57 years old. It almost feels in a familiar way that this was destined.

Late one night shortly after launching the site I was questioning whether it was really feasible to accomplish what I had set out to do. Could I really bring this benefit to national attention?

Sometimes answers come in the most unlikely manner and when we least expect them. Such was the case this night as an email arrived in affirmation. There sitting in my inbox staring at me was a contact from a lady who lived in an Assisted Living facility in FL inquiring about the benefit. Her name was Lillian Frank, and by a rather odd coincidence my parent’s names are Lillian & Frank who while alive lived in an ALF in FL. In the most peculiar of ways, I had my answer.

Three years ago today, I was angry about the ending of my mother’s life and the VA’s refusal to expedite her claim releasing her accrued funds for burial. Angry that we had no other choices. Angry that a system is allowed to dishonor our veterans and their families and not be called into accountability.

Today I am still incensed at the injustice, still determined to bring about a change, but I am also mindful that there is a reason that everything happened the way it did. Had the events not played out in the exact order as they had, I would not have been called to ‘step up” or have the blessings this effort has brought me.

Today my mom is in a better place and so are thousands of others who discovered this hidden benefit through this website. Thousands who were awarded Aid and Attendance or Housebound Pensions providing the financial resource to afford better care, a better residence and services.

From the day this website launched, it has been number #1 in the rankings on the topic of the VA’s Improved Pension Benefit covering Basic, Housebound, and Aid and Attendance. It has gone on to become the most respected, referenced, quoted, and “copied” on-line resource for the pension. There has never been a paid sponsored ad or any search engine optimization done. The rankings on this site are pure and have not been manipulated. I have no doubt that my mother’s hand has been part of what have often been unexplainable coincidences.

This has been an incredible journey allowing me to touch the lives of strangers and offer up this light of hope by simply sharing information.

It’s a light I intend to keep burning until the VA and our government does the honorable thing in exchange for the sacrifice of service.

As always, this is my mother’s gift to give, and I am simply the messenger.

I miss you mom……

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  • Posted February 3, 2012

    Donna Parsons


    Your site is the one the lady at the local VA Medical Clinic went and sent me to for information about this pension; just thought that was quite a recommendation. Thank you.

    • Posted June 15, 2012

      Sandy B


      I applied on Nov. 1st for my Mom’s Aid & Attendance Benefit. It has been the worst experience
      of my life! And my life has been plagued with very bad health.

      All I receive is the same form letter saying that they are processing my mothers claim. We have recieved three of those since I filed. July 1st it will be 9 months since I filed . My mother has no assets to hide she is poor and qualifies for PACE. This you would think would be a clear cut case. Nothing hidden. Never had anything. Always a low income for the last twenty years….she is 85. I just contacted our congressman’s office after reading your blog. I hope something comes of it. I have hit a wall. I think that soldiers who are enlisting should know this about the VA because this will be their life some day. Very sad. Don’t know what to do.

      • Posted June 15, 2012



        I’m sorry that you have had this challenge that all too many face.

        You are so right on point that those who are looking at enlisting, should know what they will face on the other side of their service.

        Stay on top of your contact to your Congressman’s office. The VA has to respond to a Congressional inquiry, and if they don’t get the job done for you, contact other state representatives who will go after it for you.

        I hope this journey will soon be over for you soon.


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